Rubber Dipped Gloves|Work Gloves|Jiangsu Zhongyou labor Protection Supplies Co.,Ltd

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                Jiangsu Zhongyou Labor Protection Supplies Co., Ltd. was expanded and moved to new location in 2014. The new location is at Motou town of Rugao city in Jiangsu province, which is called “Central Town of Nantong”. With over 10-year experience in production of safety gloves our new factory has about 18,000 square meters area and 3 fully automatic rubber dipping production lines after expanding. And 3 automatic rubber dipping production lines are under construction.

                • ZY501double gloves impregnated superfine foam core palm
                • ZY502cut resistant yarn palm thickened superfine foam
                •  ZY50310 pin dip long sleeved 3/4 polyester emulsion
                •  ZY401 palm dip nitrile Scrub
                •  ZY402nitrile Scrub
                •  ZY30113 needle polyester 3/4 dipped latex foam
                • ZY10113 needle polyester palm dipped latex wrinkles
                •  ZY10215 pin dip dyeing nylon pocket latex wrinkles
                • ZY10310 pin dip latex wrinkle polyester 3/4
                • ZY1047 needle acrylic Terry thumb latex wrinkles

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